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Cosmodent makes people smile.

Cosmodent specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. We cater our customers with fixed restorations, which are manufactured using modern science, precision and art. Our customers can expect work of high quality.

Creating Smiles

Your natural teeth, you should try to nurture the best possible way. They are the finest and most valuable you have created for chewing - but they must also harmonize with your personality and your appearance. We believe that a beautiful smile, shapes and strengthens both your confidence and self esteem.

Cosmodent has over the years has helped well over 50,000 patients with their smiles. Many of them you may see every day without knowing it.

A Cosmodent smile has very distinctive shape and character. Both properties are a result of what is commonly designed by its owners and our dental artisans. Finally, this shows itself as the results reflects your individual personality.

Inevitably, the larger the demand on a smile, the less is the lowest common denominator.

Therefore large-scale produced smiles lacks character. With our high-strength ceramics our goal has never been the one of creating standards produced smiles for the majority, but the perfect smile for you. Is not it time that you become one of the few and get the smile individually designed?

Cosmodent Smiles

Cosmodents selection of beautiful smiles: perfect in function, comfort and aesthetics.

Choose a Cosmodent smile next time, we have the knowledge and experience.

Click on the gallery to see some of our award-winning smiles.

Cosmodent AB

Cosmodent has met its customers since 1998. With all-ceramic constructions, we create crown and bridge restorations of high quality . The speciality is cosmetic and functional dentistry. This is where we are well educated and have routines and predictable systems to fulfill our customers needs . Cosmodents goal is to produce high quality restorations with the help of carefully selected products, equipment, artistry and technology.

With this in mind , we can create a product of high quality , high aesthetics, fit and functionality . This is important because you do not have to use your work to a lot of unnecessary adjustments tand chair time, but instead cement directly .

With the patient in mind you will always be able to feel satisfied with our work ...

Cosmodent is quality assured according to FR2000 (complies with ISO 9002 and ISO 14001) and follows the National Board requirements regarding medical devices.

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