Crafting beautiful smiles with advanced dental artistry

At Cosmodent, our Smile Makeover services are designed to transform smiles and enhance overall facial aesthetics. Utilizing a combination of advanced digital technology and artistic dentistry, we offer comprehensive solutions to create the perfect smile for each individual.

Digital wax-ups: the blueprint for perfection

Our process begins with digital wax-ups, a revolutionary tool in smile design. This technology allows us to create a digital simulation of the final outcome, providing a visual guide for both the dental team and the patient. These wax-ups serve as a blueprint, ensuring precision in treatment planning and setting the stage for the transformation.

Munich splints for aesthetics and function

We incorporate Munich splints into our treatment plans as a diagnostic and preparatory tool. These splints help in accurately determining the ideal occlusion, which is essential for a successful smile makeover. By aligning the jaw and teeth correctly, we lay the foundation for optimal aesthetic and functional results.

Veneer treatments artistry in every smile

Veneers are a cornerstone of our smile makeover services. We offer a range of veneer options, crafted from the finest materials to ensure natural aesthetics and durability. Our veneer treatments are customized to match the shape, color, and size that best suits the patient’s facial features and personal preferences.
Full Mouth Rehabilitations: Transformative Care
For patients requiring more extensive treatment, we offer full mouth rehabilitations. This comprehensive approach addresses functional, structural, and aesthetic aspects of oral health. By combining various restorative techniques, we can completely transform a patient’s oral health and aesthetics, resulting in a dramatic improvement in both their smile and quality of life.
A Commitment to Excellence
Our Smile Makeover services at Cosmodent are more than just cosmetic treatments; they are a commitment to enhancing confidence and quality of life through dental excellence. We employ the latest in dental technology and techniques to ensure that every smile we create is as unique and beautiful as the individual wearing it.