Revolutionizing restorative dentistry with precision and aesthetics

Achieve predictable, stunning results with less stress. At Cosmodent, we harness the Injection Molding Technique, inspired by Dr. Douglas A. Terry, alongside cutting-edge digital planning and advanced materials and 3D printers. This ensures a perfect fit and lifelike aesthetics for every restoration. With our expertise honed since 2004, we’ve revolutionized this technique for the digital age.

A novel indirect/direct approach

Tired of unpredictable veneer results? The Injection Molding Technique delivers stunning, durable aesthetics with unparalleled precision. Using specialized flowable composites, you´ll create restorations that flawlessly blend with natural enamel, streamlining your workflow and guaranteeing patient satisfaction.

Enhancing patient communication and practice

One of the key benefits of this technique is the ability to enhance patient communication. By accurately translating a diagnostic wax-up or a pre-existing diagnostic model into composite restorations, the Injection Molding Technique allows patients to visualize and understand the proposed outcomes more clearly. This not only improves patient satisfaction but also elevates the practice of dentistry to a new level of professionalism and artistry.

Applications and benefits

The myriad of applications for this technique makes it a versatile tool in our arsenal. From creating intricate veneers to detailed restorative work, the Injection Molding Technique offers enhanced biomaterial properties, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal of the restorations. Its precise application ensures minimal invasiveness, preserving more of the natural tooth structure while delivering exceptional results.