Precision-engineered solutions for implant dentistry

At Cosmodent, we elevate the standard for dental implants with our implant-retained prostheses, leveraging unparalleled expertise and advanced technology. We cater to unique patient needs, offering tooth, tissue, and bone-supported guide solutions for precise implant planning. This ensures our prosthetics not only meet but exceed expectations in functionality, aesthetics, and durability. Our commitment to innovation allows us to deliver implant solutions that redefine quality and patient satisfaction in dental restorations.

Custom made abutments & bars – crafted in-house

Our in-house production of custom-made abutments and titanium bars allows for unparalleled precision and customization. Each abutment is meticulously designed and manufactured to match the individual contours and anatomy of the patient’s mouth, ensuring optimal fit, function, and aesthetic integration with the natural teeth.

Atlantis abutments – personalized for perfect fit

In addition to our custom abutments, we offer Atlantis abutments, known for their patient-specific design. Utilizing advanced CAD/CAM technology, Atlantis abutments are tailored to the individual needs of each case, providing excellent support and esthetics for the final restoration.

Screw-retained crowns and bridges – secure and aesthetic

Our screw-retained crowns are a popular choice for their ease of placement and maintenance. Designed for durability and aesthetic appeal, these crowns bridges offer a secure fit over implants, ensuring long-term stability and a natural appearance.

Implant Bars and Bridges – Robust and Reliable

Cosmodent Crafting beautiful, ethical smiles. Expertise meets artistry for dentists and patients alike. We prioritize responsibility and sustainability for lasting confidence. Specializing in implant bars and bridges for complex restorative needs.
All-on-X Cases – Transformative Full-Arch Solutions
Our expertise extends to All-on-X cases, a transformative solution for patients requiring full-arch rehabilitation. This approach involves placing a full set of prosthetic teeth on a limited number of implants, typically four or six, offering a balance of efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics.
Commitment to Excellence

Cosmodent crafts superior implant restorations. Our skilled technicians collaborate with dentists to create beautiful, functional smiles, improving patients’ quality of life and confidence.