Shade analysis​

​Another tool is made by Degudent and is called ShadePilot read more about it here>>

About 80% of the patients are aware of differences which will arise between their natural teeth and restorations made for them. So the dental surgeons need a system of accurate and exact choice of colors which can guarantee the perfectly adapted shade of artificial teeth.

There are lot of shade guides available for us in this respect. So which guide is to be chosen? As dental technicians we use burnt porcelain samples, processed in laboratory with 100% accuracy. This should be the most exact way of a color choice. However, in order to spare time and to increase the exactness of the choice, Vita has developed a three-dimensional system adapted for full guide of colors of natural teeth. It will help you, the dental surgeons, to chose quickly a proper, basic color of teeth. This system is called Vitapan 3-D MASTER.

The ceramics used at Cosmodent being perfectly adapted to the shade guide, the teeth color will always be exactly the same as this, ordered by you. If you want to borrow a video cassette or inter-active CD-ROM, or obtain more information on this system, don`t hesitate to address your inquiries to us or to take a look at the homepage of Vident

To make your life easier you can get some help from Shade-vision, a digital shade taking tool from X-rite. You can also easily communicate with us using Shade-vision. Read more:

ShadePilot by DeguDent

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