​Yttria stabilized zirconia, is a material that has been used for highly exacting medical applications such as the fabrication of artificial hip ball joints, for many years. The material has unique properties, for example it demonstrates high durability. The material does not lose these qualities, even when it is exposed to stresses, due to the crack-inhibiting properties of the microstructure. Because of the material`s exceptional properties, three- or multiple-unit bridges are milled from a single piece of ceramic. Completed restorations are placed, using either the conventional or adhesive cementation technique.​


· Perfect fit

· Natural translucency

· High-strength material

· Excellent biocompatibility

· Low wear characteristics

· Metal-free composition



Zirconia is indicated for bridges with one ore more pontics with a maximum spanlength of 25mm in between, crowns, inlays, and inlaybridges with pressover. Zirconia is highly suitable to use purely without ceramics on heavy bruxers.

Contra indications

Zirconia is contraindicated for bridges witha spanlength over 25mm.

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