For patients seeking to enhance the appearance of their smile or mask stained dentition, porcelain laminate veneers are the most indicated restorative modality to date. To enhance the beauty and strength of the veneers cosmodent uses VITA omega 900 ceramic. This high strength (140mpa) ceramic is fired on replica dies and has the ability of masking stained dentition as well as it lets us create beautiful translucent effects.. Additionally, cosmodent has developed an opalescent incisal system to specifically the translucent found in natural dentition.



Porcelain laminate veneer restorations are indicated for maxillary or mandibular facial restorations.



- Translucent margins lets you put your margins wherever you want them.

- High masking ability

- Increased control of optical properties

- Metal-free

- Tissue biocompatibility

- Natural-looking aesthetics


Contra indications

Porcelain laminate veneer restorations are contraindicated for bridges and restorations with adequate reduction.

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