GC Gradia​


A restoration made from composite material has many beneficial properties such as strength and durability, but although composite also has good aesthetic qualities, it does not give the natural tooth appearance of a porcelain. That is, until now!

Gc gradia is a unique light-cured micro-ceramic-composite system for crown, bridges, inlays and veneers, which compared to conventional composites gives restorations with a colour tone close to that of natural teeth. Gc gradia’s more natural tooth appearance has been achieved by developing its resin colour tones in conjunction with its application technique. This combined approach to development has created a system where the final restoration is of optimum hue, brightness and chroma, whilst minimising the paleness inherent with composites. The result is a restoration with an opalescence comparable to porcelains and close to natural teeth which would previously have been impossible to attain using traditional composite materials. When combined with fibrekor, a high-strength resin-impregnated fiber substructure, it offers clinicians the latest in polymer-glass ceramic technology. These restaurations present a metal-free system that combines the aesthetics of porcelain with the flexural strength and shade control of resin. Making bridges without a metalframework, is no longer a problem.


· Low water sorption
· Fluorescent
· Perfect fit
· Natural translucency
· High-strength material
· Excellent biocompatibility
· Low wear characteristics
· Metal-free composition
· Easy intraoral repair

. High luster = no plaque absortion


Gc gradia is indicated for bridges with one ore more pontics with a maximum spanlength of 15mm in between, veneers, crowns, inlays, onlays and maryland-bridges. Gc gradia is highly suitable as facing on implant superstructures and is succesfully used when the antagonists are made of ceramics. Together with gc gradia gum shade system we have full control over both white and pink aesthetics..

Contra indications

Gc gradia is contraindicated for bridge pontics spanning more than 15.0 mm and cases where you need a pontic as the final tooth in the restauration.

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