Encore bridge


The encore™ bridge a metal-free, dual-component system- eliminates the aesthetic and mechanical concerns of the conventional maryland bridge. Developed for single tooth replacement, this system incorporates the flexibility and strength of a polyamid framework to provide the fiber-reinforced composite bridge framework. A pressable ceramic veneer, is fabricated for the pontic and independently attached to the frame.


​· Natural translucency 

· Perfect fit
· Enhanced aesthetics
· Biocompatibility
· Color stable abutments
· Highly bondable components
· Chair side shade control
· Embrasure closing
· Elimination of pontic over contouring
· Elimination of adjustments to the facial harmony of the abutments



The encore bridge is primarily indicated for anterior single tooth replacement of the maxillary and mandibular dentition.

Contra indications

Encore bridges are contraindicated for selected multi-unit bridges, dentition which exceeds class 1 mobility, abutments less than 5.0 in length, dentition too thin from the labial to lingual aspect for adequate reduction.

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