Pressed ceramics


​We use different all-ceramic systems to provide exceptional, metal-free restorative results. Gc initial pc addresses the aesthetic demands of a ceramic restoration with a shaded, translucent pressed core and low fusing layering porcelains. The combination of these materials results in light-scattering properties that simulate natural dentition. Ips empress is made of translucent pressed ceramic ingot that after fabrication is stained and glazed to perfection. The choice of material is really simple.


- Precise fit

- Natural translucency

- Biocompatibility

- Exceptional aesthetics

- Metal-free

- All-ceramic restorations

- Increased strength


Pressable ceramics are indicated for anterior and posterior veneer, inlays, onlays, and individual full-coverage crowns.

Contra indications

Pressable ceramics are contraindicated for anterior and posterior bridges. They are also contraindicated in extended margin situations where moisture control is difficult or when adequate tooth reduction is not possible.

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